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    Weight management, Singapore (SG)
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Weight management, Singapore (SG)


Weight management, Singapore (SG) @singaporeweight_com: Medical slimming, weight/fat loss/management/reduction, diet program/medication clinic, Singapore


Join our weight loss program to manage your obesity. For effective slimming and weight management. Choose our weight loss clinic. The weight management clinic with the program that is most likely able to help you achieve your goals.

Aesthetic services available:

Advertisement: Come to sunny Singapore to have your testing and treatment. Singapore Ministry of Health registered general practice (GP) clinic:
168 Bedok South Avenue 3 #01-473
Singapore 460168
Tel: (+65) 6446 7446
Fax: (+65) 6449 7446
24hr Answering Tel: (+65) 6333 5550
Web: Weight management, Singapore (SG)
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7 pm to 11 pm
Public Holidays: Closed
Last registration: one hour before closing time.
Walk-in clinic. Appointments not required.
Bring NRIC, Work Pass or Passport for registration.


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Cross-sectional examination of metabolites and metabolic phenotypes in uremia
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Adoption of Safe Routes to School in Canadian and the United States Contexts: Best Practices and Recommendations
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CONCLUSIONThis article is the first attempt to examine SRTS at the state/provincial/city level to understand key adoption strategies using a realist approach. It found collaborative community‐research partnerships that initiated SRTS and created cultural shifts in communities from the individual to policy level. Researchers, schools and communities interested in increasing school AT should consider SRTS as a valuable approach. (Source: Journal of School Health)

Obesity not associated with severity among hospitalized adults with seasonal influenza virus infection
Mon, 06 Jul 2015 23:26:34 +0100 | Infection
We examined seasonal influenza severity [artificial ventilation, intensive care unit (ICU) admission, and radiographic-confirmed pneumonia] by weight category among adults hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza. Using multivariate logistic regression models, we found no association between obesity or severe obesity and artificial ventilation or ICU admission; however, overweight and obese patients had decreased risk of pneumonia. Underweight was associated with pneumonia (adjusted odds ratio 1.31; 95 % confidence interval 1.04, 1.64). (Source: Infection)

Healthy Eating Beats Exercise to Limit Weight Gain in Pregnancy Healthy Eating Beats Exercise to Limit Weight Gain in Pregnancy
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A pilot study in Europe suggests healthy eating is better than physical activity for reducing weight gain in obese pregnant women, a difficult-to-treat group. Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Diabetes Headlines)

State disparities in colorectal cancer rates: Contributions of risk factors, screening, and survival differences
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CONCLUSIONSThe disparities in CRC incidence and mortality rates between Louisiana and New Jersey could be eliminated if Louisiana could attain New Jersey's levels of risk factors, screening, and survival. Priority should be given to enabling Southern states to improve screening and survival rates. Cancer 2015. © 2015 American Cancer Society. (Source: Cancer)

Sheep Study Lifts the Wool on Obesity as Cause of AFSheep Study Lifts the Wool on Obesity as Cause of AF
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Lifestyle factors can halve heart failure risk after 65
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(Reuters Health) - Older people who walk briskly, are moderately active in their free time, drink moderately, don’t smoke and avoid obesity may be half as likely to develop heart failure as people who don't engage in these healthy habits, a new study suggests. (Source: Reuters: Health)